The Company

Large Volumes of New, High-Quality Customers and Leads

Adteractive creates online consumer experiences for our clients for every online channel. These experiences are highly targeted and optimized to convert visitors into your leads and sales. Our proprietary media buying capabilities drive traffic to these consumer experiences, delivering high volumes of leads and customers to you on a performance-basis.

Only Pay for Results

There is no setup fee, retainer or billable hours. We take on the risk of promoting your offers, and you only pay for the leads and customers we deliver to you.

Tap into Hidden and Unreachable Customer Segments

An infinite amount of ad inventory is available for placement in channels such as email, paid search, natural search, banner buys, text links, cross-sells, incentive offers and affiliate networks. With Adteractive, you can tap into this inventory and otherwise unreachable customer segments. Adteractive maintains thousands of publisher relationships, is one of the largest buyers of online media and works closely with you to find incremental inventory and customers.

Improve Customer Quality and Lead Quality through Targeting and Data Scrubbing

Adteractive works closely with you to meet your lead quality and consumer acquisition goals. Our proprietary technology enables us to accept detailed feedback and notes on individual customers and leads, and to optimize acquisitions to meet quality goals.

Protect Your Brand

Adteractive is hypersensitive to protecting your brand. We maintain an exclusive publisher network and closely monitor where your ads are shown. Furthermore, our systems monitor and enforce CAN-SPAM compliance, keyword bidding and other client requests.

Lower Your Overall Customer Acquisition Costs

Our clients outsource the negotiation and integration of many online partnerships directly to Adteractive. Our experienced business development professionals, expert technical staff and proprietary platform enables us to support hundreds of partnerships and integrations for each client.

Minimal Integration and Technology Required

Our flexible platform enables us to integrate with you with minimal integration work. Our system adapts to your existing sales, CRM and lead qualification platforms, and we are able to deliver leads and customers through a number of formats and channels.

Work with the Leading Experts in Online Direct Marketing

With over 100 employees, Adteractive has been the leader in performance-based marketing solutions for over five years. Our expert staff comes from a number of industry-leading companies including Yahoo,,, Mediaplex, and Electronic Arts.